Digital Softness Tester Copy

MSA have recently been made aware of a copy of their ST300 Digital Softness Tester. This copy is being manufactured in China by a company called TST Instruments (China) Co. Ltd., and is marketed as the TST-C1010 and TSE-A004.

Designed in conjunction with BLC Leather Technology Centre, the ST300 is a means of determining the softness of leather without defacing the hide or skin. Eliminating the need for samples to be cut from the leather prior to testing means that a quality system can be established between supplier and customer.

BLC works solely with MSA in regards to the production and supply of the ST300, which requires complex engineering to ensure consistent and accurate results from the apparatus.

Companies relying on the MSA ST300 Softness Tester as part of their quality control systems are highly likely to experience variations in results from suppliers, or other departments, if they are using inferior copies, with the potential to cause problems for end manufacturers of leather products.

The ST300 is a vital piece of equipment for the leather industry that quantifies the subjective property of leather softness. This internationally recognised tester has been adopted as the leather industry standard worldwide (EN ISO 17235:2002 | IUP 36) and is used by both tanneries and leather users.

When selecting your testing equipment, look out for the label featuring MSA Engineering Systems and BLC Leather Technology Centre to ensure that you benefit from the genuine article.

If you have any questions please contact the MSA Sales Office.

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