Special Offer : Knife Fold Unit

We currently have available a DESTA/GUK ZK600 Knife Folding Unit on special offer.  The unit is approximately 2½ years old and cost GB £20,000.00 new, but we are offering it at the discounted guideline price of GB £12,000.00 ex-works UK, exc. VAT (offers gladly invited).

Technical specification as follows:

  • Infeed Width – 600mm maximum (minimum 148mm)
  • Format Length – 410mm maximum (minimum 70mm), special execution 30mm
  • Speed – 40-60m.min, directly adjustable
  • Performance – 6,000 to 18,000 per hour
  • Weight – 235Kg
  • Dimensions – 1330mm (L) x 950mm (W) x 820-1160mm (H)
  • Separate Shingle Delivery Unit – for finished leaflets of more than 3 3/4″ in height – folded products are delivered shingled (one overlapping the other) – height adjustable, tilt adjustable and has variable speed for control of shingling the product

The unit also has an adjustable height setting so will be easier to interface with other small automation.  It has an adjustable guide fence for the sheets to be positioned against, and its own GUK dedicated control.

For more information please contact our sales office.

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