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We design and manufacture equipment that performs time and time again.

Leading the way in innovation for niche industrial equipment.

MSA Engineering Systems was established in 1991 as a research and development group providing specialist design and manufacturing expertise for niche market industrial products and processes.  We now focus on the development of patented wire laying systems for the electrofusion industry, and have become a world leader and recognised authority on the production of electrofusion pipe fittings. A wide range of Electrofusion Wire Laying Machines are offered to accommodate most user requirements, along with a full technical consultancy on all aspects of these systems and processes.  In recognition of this MSA Engineering Systems are twice winners of The Queens Award for Innovation. 

In another niche market, the MSA Engineering Systems range of leather testing equipment measures softness and substance with complete reliability, following relevant product ISO standards.  

MSA Materials Handling division was incorporated in to MSA Engineering Systems in Dec 2019, building on a previous experience of over 25 years design and manufacture of Telescopic Fork and Cam Lift Systems.

Telescopic forks are available as single and double deep twin finger units, double deep (3 stage) single platen units, and triple deep (4 stage) single platen units.  Our cam lifts incorporate the twin finger telescopic forks mounted to a multi-position lift device. 

At MSA Materials Handling we work with automotive, logistics, food distribution and many more industries.

MSA Engineering

MSA Engineering is a world leader in the production of patented electrofusion wire laying systems and associated products. We also provide a comprehensive range of leather testing equipment.

MSA Materials Handling

MSA Materials Handling designs and manufactures telescopic fork and cam lift systems for a wide range of industries.


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