Cam Lifts
Cam lifts are stand alone units that incorporate twin finger telescopic forks mounted to a multi position lift device.

Cam Lift

Cam Lift

Stand alone unit that incorporates twin finger telescopic forks mounted to a multi position lift device, which is operated via one GMU transmitting power to four precision machined vertical corner posts, optimising deflection and stability.

Forks that are fitted to the cam lifts are usually the twin finger type and can operate independently to the cam unit. The two systems can be synchronised using inverter software or direct two speed DC drive.

  • Light weight to heavy units are available, flexible mounting - either floor mounted or on Automatic Guided Vehicles
  • Single Geared Motor Unit - Inverter driven with optional added security protection via torque limiter on the fork units.
  • Single Geared Lift Motor unit – Transmitting power via drive shafts and rigid couplings through two outrigger gearboxes.
  • Safety implements include optional “safe tilt mechanism” that prevents over loading to the fork units.
  • Demountable attachments can be fitted to the moving sections that will minimise product movement when in full automatic operation.
  • Safe working up to 1500kg.

Typical operating fields:

  • Vehicle manufactures
  • Engine plants
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles
  • Vehicle body storage.

Product users include:

  • Caterpillar France and Belgium
  • Chrysler Mexico and USA
  • Vauxhall England
  • Jaguar Land Rover England
  • IBC Vehicles England, BMW Motors England
Closed Unit Length Full working stroke Top Fork section width Height of Lift Safe Working Load
815mm 760mm 150mm 70 500kg
2200mm 2500mm 200mm 500 500kg
2500mm 3048mm 200mm 380 550kg
2200mm 1500mm 230mm 220 1500kg
1800mm 1800mm 200mm 110 625kg

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