ST300 Softness Tester – New Standard

The international standard derived from MSA’s ST300 Softness Tester, ISO17235, was updated and republished in September 2015.    The new revision is ISO 17235:2015.  The main update to the standard includes the correct total effective test forces, measured in a static position.   In line with the update calibration requirements are now more stringent.

To fully comply with the requirements all parameters must be calibrated, including:

  • Aperture, reducing ring, zero plate and load pin dimensions.
  • Total mass of load pin and cylindrical mass.
  • Load pin travel distance and timed drop.
  • Gauge / length positions.
  • Forces.

The timed drop cannot be calibrated accurately without specialist equipment, provided by MSA.   End users need to be aware of calibration houses not using the correct equipment to accurately measure the timed drop, and misunderstanding how the ST300 operates which can lead to incorrect measurement of the Forces.    Also users should be aware of copied units that cannot be guaranteed to meet the requirements of ISO 17235:2015.   This in turn could lead to disputes in the supply chain.

To ensure you have the correct equipment and calibration services – please contact MSA.

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