Electrofusion Wire Laying
Forerunners in the development of technology and systems for the wire laying and production of electrofusion fittings using a patented wire laying process.

HWL 225T Twin Spindle Horizontal Wire Laying

HWL 225T Twin Spindle Horizontal Wire Laying

The HWL 225T is a horizontal format, 3-axis, twin spindle, SIEMENS CNC controlled electrofusion wire laying machine. Designed for the wire laying of small to medium fittings or pipe sections.

The machine can produce fittings typically in the range of 20 to 225mm internal diameter, and features two vertically mounted spindles. In addition with specialist tooling the machine can wire lay pads for overmoulding in to saddle bodies (e.g. Tapping Tees and Branch Saddles), and  special bifilar fittings (e.g. Monolithic End Caps and Stub Flanges).

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