Electrofusion Wire Laying
Forerunners in the development of technology and systems for the wire laying and production of electrofusion fittings using a patented wire laying process.

VWL 710 Vertical Wire Laying

VWL 710 Vertical Wire Laying

The VWL 710 is a vertical format, 3-axis, CNC controlled electrofusion wire laying machine, designed for the wire laying of medium to large fittings or pipe sections.

The VWL 710 can produce fittings typically in the range of 125 to 900mm internal diameter.

Optional 2-axis CNC Drilling Unit available for drilling fusion indicators during wire laying cycle, or for drilling terminal holes during external profiling cycle.

Patented tooling and wire laying process for the manufacture of electrofusion fittings.

Lift assist equipment available for handling large/heavy components.

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